Hello readers, this post will be different from any other post you’ve ever seen here on Doris Dave. A tad more personal about what’s going on in my life. 2015 hasn’t been really good to me so far, except for school and internship. Passed for all my exams and most important of all, I passed for my main subject, graphic design. I had some real struggles when my old macbook crashed! 

So yeah, January and February were very intense months. Dealing with a lot of stress, little amount of sleep, barely a social life and other events that made me insecure and feel lost, which made me a total unhealthy and unhappy mess. One of my biggest fears, and I’m definitely not the only one, is that I don’t want to let anyone down. Work hard for school, post regularly on my blog and on other platforms, focus on other projects, stay in touch with people, help at home… This made me forget about who I am. Neglected myself, forgot to take care of myself. And because of a recent event, I realised/saw what was happening to me. Kind of like a wake up call. It definitely made me more mature and stronger. Thanks to friends and family, especially my loving mom, they made me realise of certain things, what I'm capable of...,  made me think positive and smile again.

It’s maybe very vague. Not telling you everything, because it isn't necessary. I don't want to share every negative detail with you guys. This blog is meant for positive vibes, inspiration and maybe now and then some real talk won't hurt. This is the reason why I haven’t been regularly on the blog and other social media platforms. Thanks to my internship and other activities I forget about all those negative feelings. 

And hey, a new month has started and I’m feeling good! I had the time to reflect and think what went wrong. Wounds are still fresh, but time will heal they say. It’s true. And it definitely gets better when YOU make changes. Think positive, don't hide your feelings, share it with others and surround yourself with people who love and support you. And now I want to make a change! It’s time to get back up and think of myself. I haven’t felt that fresh and new since I was a blondie! Time to let go of the past and focus on now and the future. And I’m so ready for it! Let’s kick some ass!

Also a big big big thanks to the ones who read and support my blog and thank you for your patience. I really appreciate it. I love this place and I’ve totally neglected this. I want this little piece of the world wide web to be a strong, positive and inspiring place. I’m going to take my time and show you step by step! 

It such a relief to share this with you readers. Even though it's just a little summary of what's going on. It just felt wrong to blog further and fake how I'm feeling at the moment. Hope you guys are well!

Love, Gladys



Hi guys! I've made a little wishlist of black and white clothing I would buy. Thought to share every wednesday a wishlist of items with you guys. Not only fashion, but maybe also food, books or music. What do you think peeps?

Since monday I work as a graphic design intern at Mo Ka in Brussels. Really nice people and love the neighbourhood! They've got loads of stores like, Marc Jacobs, Maison Martin Margiela, Eleven Paris... but also M.A.C., Brandy Melville, vintage... and loads of pretty boutiques. And damn it has been way to long I've bought something for myself. All of my money goes to school, printing, transportation or food or I don't have the time. Now that I have an internship in Brussels and a train subscription, I'm going to use the most of it and visit Brussels also in the weekend. Explore the city! Perhaps next weekend! Anyone who is from Brussels? Leave a comment! I would like to know!

Ok off to bed now. I'm feeling a bit feverish and I want to go back to work tomorrow! 
Love, Gladys