Oh look at that gorgeous thumbnail, haha

Hello everybody! Yes this is a video, haha, sharing some facts about me! I have to say that I'm pretty much nervous to share this with you. Just me talking in front of a camera (which was so weird! And so difficult not to look to the viewfinder) and also talking in english. Right now I'm sweating like a pig writing this post. Anyway I may seem look a bit nervous and feeling uncomfortable, haha, but I really did enjoy creating it! I hope you like the video and please leave a comment with your thoughts!

Do you have a 50 facts about me video? If so, leave the link also in the comments below and share maybe also a few facts!

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Back home in Belgium! And oh my... it's so friggin' hot here! As you can see I've edited already a few pictures from my travel in Lisbon. Still a long way to go! + I've filmed also quite alot. I'm going to squeeze it all in one video and share it when it is ready! Stay tuned for my travel diary posts!

Love, Gladys