Shoes- Keds, Vintage Leather Jacket- Docks Caviar, High Waisted Jeans- Dr. Denim, Sweater- Monki

Okay, my wardrobe looks for most part 90% black, but my shoe collection does have a lot more colour. For example these pretty ones from Keds. Platforms with a rusty metallic colour and a la reptile vibe going on. Really like these, as I'm not fond wearing high heeled boots, these Keds are flat, comfy and give me some extra height. Oh and not to forget, very important, colour!

It's December guys! Crazy how time flies. I'm so looking forward for my christmas vacation and the holidays, because it has been pretty hectic lately. All my energy goes to school and if I have a free day, I prefer too rest and stay away from my laptop. So I think that this vacation will do some good. I'll have the time to focus here. I want to find a way to make it work with school!

Next to that, I'm quite excited that vlogmas has started, haha. It's pretty funny and entertaining to see someone document their whole day. Who likes to follow vlogmas too? And from who? Sunbeamsjess, Beautycrush (Samantha Maria) are the one I really follow. Leave your picks in the comments below, please!

Love, Doris



coats, fashion, doris daveHow difficult is it to find a good, warm, beautiful looking coat? Or am I just too picky? Yes, I want one which has a cap, one with pockets inside, maybe waterproof (a rain jacket then?), extra fluffy inside and maybe on the outside too? Oh and let's not start about the colour! (yes, maybe not black for the change) I can go on and on. Without I even know it, I've survived winter without a coat and HEY spring! Anyone who knows the struggle? But I'm not giving up yet! There's the internet too, hooray. I'll check that out and come back with you with my favourite picks! 
pictures from Pinterest

Love, Doris